No time like ahora…

V Gonzales
Comedian/Actress/Public Speaker

There is a place and time of everyone's life where there is  a point of clarity.  Some consider spiritualism, solitude, religion and faith as their point. And, certainly there are many others as there are a world of belief systems.  I come from the place of Biblical Truth to understand how truly great life is and how very blessed I am.  

It is not a statement of perfection, but rather a statement of true life experiences that were divinely allowed to occur.  These instances had direct impact on the outcomes based on my obedience or disobedience to God.  Rather than exhaust a subject I can only demonstrate by writing, I will be sharing some of my likes, dislikes, wants, waits and hopes.  I plan to share the goodness of God in Jesus Christ through my my faith, life, marriage, and communications: especially stand up comedy.  

You will read about many different things and even politics.  But, I pray that the words of my mouth would bless Him.  I am rarely politically correct, but I am open to discuss differences and will still love you even if we disagree.  All I know, is that God is good and I want to bless others by sharing.  

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No time like ahora...

V. Gonzales
Galations 2:20 

Published by V Gonzales

Virginia is a unique, fun, and engaging comedienne who will show you that laughter is like medicine for the soul: no better prescription!

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