2020 New Mexico’s Funniest Comedian

V Gonzales 2020 Funniest Comedian in New Mexico

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In the year 2020, Virginia competed and won the grand title of New Mexico’s Funniest Comedian on January 26. She was awarded $500 and had a spectacular interview on New Mexico Living.

March 13th, the country closed down. The fourteen-day curve only took 2 1/2 years to flatten. What a ride!

V’s dream to perform comedy is realized every time she is on stage. When everything got cancelled and the world stayed home binge watching the news, sermons, and fighting on social media. She realized that God’s divine hand was at work in the world, and our country. Everything we once knew would never be quite the same. Trust, faith, and gratefulness is how she describes what carried her through 2020 and to this very day.

Below is a scrap book chronicling the first part of V’s 21-year career as stand-up comedian.