Virginia “V” Gonzales is a southwestern Latina comedienne who was born and raised in Leadville, Colorado with deep roots in Northern New Mexico.  She has performed stand-up comedy since 2000 and was awarded the New Mexico Hispanic Entertainer of the Year Award in 2007.  The link is a clip from V’s feature performance,  in 2007, at the KiMo Theater with  Steven Michael Quesada, who produced and headlined “Growing Up Chicano”: Pierce Belly Button.   In 2015, she won the Gold Medal at the New Mexico Senior Olympics “Seniors Got Talent” competition. See these clips of her winning performance:  Relationships or Gorditas.

In July of 2017, and 2018, Virginia won the New Mexico Senior Olympics Comedic Talent Gold Medal Award!

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V’s myriad of life experiences, personally and professionally, make her humor easy to connect and find commonality through laughter.  She can also can bring a Latina, Chicana, Bata Loca, perspective to her comedic outlook on life.  Virginia is versatile and professional: attentive to content and context for appropriate humor for all occasions.

Virginia has performed stand up comedy since 1999.  Within three (3) months of stepping on stage, she began to be booked as a feature act.  In the early years, she started her own comedy club to make stage time for her craft.  She partnered up with a local Bar & Restaurant owner “Nancy’s Mesa Inn” and began producing shows with local talent and agents. After a year, she booked as a headliner and progressed from there.

To her credit, she appeared in student films as a primary character.  In one film, she played the part of a prison guard, something she did in real life.  In the other student film, she was the receptionist, also a role she played in life. Virginia also appeared in several movies as an extra.  Nothing to write home about: long days but fun.  Most notably, she was filmed for the 2002 New Mexico Addy Awards. The three (3) minute video was filmed for the presentation of a lifetime achievement award that was presented to Sterling Grant Jr.  The video was aired at the Santa Ana Star Casino.

Virginia was interviewed on a podcast that can be found at FinchFiles.net.  The Pod-Host is Peter Finch radio broadcast Bay Area Hall of Famer. Listen to the interview:

Peter Finch Interviews V Gonzales

2007 New Mexico Hispanic Comedian of the Year and a News Bulletin article from 2000