Nothing Can Separate Us…

May 16, 2020 By V. Gonzales Romans 8: 38-39 The Book of Romans Authored by the Apostle Paul Audience:  Followers of Jesus; Originally written to Christians in Rome. Written about A.D 57 Setting: Paul wrote from Corinth regarding his pending visit to Rome via Jerusalem Narrative:   “The Christians in Rome had not yet met Paul,Continue reading “Nothing Can Separate Us…”

The Rainbow: Hope to ALL Mankind

Written by V. Gonzales April 12, 2020 Throughout history the rainbow has been looked upon by mankind as a symbol of hope. Some Native American Cultures see the rainbow as a bridge, often referred to as “Rainbow Bridge” whereby we pass from this life to the next. There are religions that believe that the rainbowContinue reading “The Rainbow: Hope to ALL Mankind”

The Virus vs. Psalm 91

This communication is titled The Virus. I refuse to give credence to the name of just one pestilence that I’ve encountered in my life time. Addressing just one ‘outbreak’ or another during its season is enough. Besides, focusing on just one disease diminishes the power and evidence of our Creator and Father God. Pestilences haveContinue reading “The Virus vs. Psalm 91”

Eclipse: We Live On a Planet Sustained by the Sun

What an amazing God we serve.  The world calls it a “fluke” or “coincidence” and yet there is irony in those descriptions.  The one thing that the scientific world has proven is that the universe exists. Beyond that fact, they cannot explain the complexity of it all.  I marvel at the unwillingness of humanity toContinue reading “Eclipse: We Live On a Planet Sustained by the Sun”

Consider the Lilies of the Field

I love to run to the mountains.  Growing up in Colorado, I’ve always found rest in God’s magnificent creation:  where the earth and sky meet. Many of my days are spent struggling with my health.  Talking to doctors and getting no where, but always having a new prescription to add to my collection.  As aContinue reading “Consider the Lilies of the Field”

What do Comedians Bill Engvall and Tim Hawkins have in common?

Performing on stage.  There is nothing else like it.  Rockin’ the house at the end of a killer stand-up comedy set is higher than any drug can take you and a gratifying accomplishment to those who love to be on stage.  But what if you can’t sing, you don’t play an instrument: what do youContinue reading “What do Comedians Bill Engvall and Tim Hawkins have in common?”